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here are those who wish harm upon Callum and his allies. These adversaries come in many forms and pose a multitude of dangers. This concise list describes but a few of Callum's enemies and it will grow within the coming months.

L÷wen Footman
The standard foot soldier of L÷wen's armies, These warriors are equipped with Longswords (or Maces) and many possess shields to defend against ranged attacks and the blows dealt in melee. By themselves, a L÷wen Footman may be overwhelmed against an equally skilled opponent but they are usually found in large groups and work well as a team.

L÷wen Knight
L÷wen Knights are elite soldiers expertly trained in the use of the sword and shield by the arch-duke's most skilled instructors. Their combat prowess is only rivaled by L÷wen Field Commanders. These soldiers are also outfitted in Full Armour, a much tougher shell to crack than the standard mail issued to other soldiers.

L÷wen Archer
L÷wen Archers may lack the speed of their melee-based comrades but their deadliness is all the more evident with their hawk-eyed precision in archery. Since they lack any substantial melee weaponry, they prefer to keep a distance and assault their opponents with a deadly volley of arrows.
Some archers light their arrows aflame to cause continual damage while others coat their arrowheads with a virulent toxin known to slowly and painfully kill those unfortunate enough to be struck with one.

L÷wen Pikeman
These soldiers are armed with long Pikes and can deal extensive damage from afar. Fortunately, their lack of speed forces them to rely on other units to defend them when engaging multiple opponents at close range. The Pike may reach mounted characters quite easily, making Pikemen indispensable against cavalry.
If mounted, the player should avoid these soldiers and allow those on foot to engage them.

L÷wen FalconerL÷wen Falconer
In his pursuit of dominating the lands of Parmathia, Salatas L÷wen employed the rangers of his hunting lands into the ranks of his armies. This unique unit possesses a Hunting Falcon that scouts ahead to detect prey for the army to destroy.
Though formidable by themselves, most Hunting Falcons prefer to retreat to their masters and alert them of an opponent's position instead of direct engagement. Falconers are armed with Arbalests and attack with a hunter's accuracy.

Hunting Falcon
Hunting Falcons were originally intended for hunting small animals and alerting their masters of unsuspecting game. Salatas L÷wen has found a way to exploit this hunter/animal partnership to further his dark campaign across Parmathia. These vicious birds of prey now seek out the weak and young to slaughter while alerting their masters of the more able-bodied supporters of the True Heir of Parmathia. They savagely attack with both talons and beak and have been known to slay both children and the elderly with brutal efficiency. When wounded or aware of their odds, Hunting Falcons will return to their masters and alert them of an enemy's whereabouts.

Mounted L÷wen Knight
All the menacing combat prowess of a L÷wen Knight on horseback, these soldiers comprise most of the units within command groups and travel fast to aid their commanders. Mounted L÷wen Knights may be knocked from their steeds to act as standard L÷wen Knights if a powerful enough blow can be inflicted upon them.

L÷wen Standard-Bearer
The war banners of the L÷wen armies serve to visually inform soldiers of orders during battle. Bearers of these banners have been instructed to maintain position at all costs. Armed with minimal weaponry, they rely on other members of a command group to defend them. When isolated or cornered, standard bearers may defend themselves with kicks. Most standard bearers wield a large war-standards to display command information and will never use it as a weapon. When the standard falls, orders are halted.

L÷wen Field CommanderL÷wen Field Commander
L÷wen Field Commanders are responsible for coordinating maneuvers issued by the Arch-Duke himself. They are considered L÷wen's most loyal and elite soldiers and have achieved their rank after countless years of valor.
L÷wen Field Commanders resemble unmounted knights in many respects but wear capes and do not possess shields. The biggest attribute that makes them so dangerous is their company: a command group designed to support their officers.
They are never alone on the battlefield.

As times have taken a turn for the worse, opportunists and scoundrels alike now line their pockets with the riches plundered from unfortunate victims caught within the grip of war. These cruel foes outfit themselves in light armour. They prefer to ambush travelers of the roads and rarely lead an attack by themselves.
Armed with longswords and daggers, Brigands fight with desperation and will most likely flee if the tide of battle goes against them.

Brigand Archer
Some Brigands possess selfbows that allow them to strike from afar and force their opponents to pursue through dense underbrush and thick vegetation before they can be engaged in melee.

As winter covers the land with a cold, white death, food has become scarce and the evil that has awakened seems to have corrupted nature as well. These ravenous hunters attack with only one goal: to feed. They usually hunt in packs and have been known to stalk and surround their unsuspecting prey for many days before finally ambushing them.

One of mother nature's most formidable warriors, bears have awakened from their winter slumber by dark forces and are now set lose to terrorize those foolish enough to enter the inhospitable wilds of Parmathia. They attack with both tooth and claw to slaughter prospective meals with a primordial fury.

There are more adversaries to be discovered in the coming months...


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