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he world of Shadows of Winter is a richly detailed setting rife with history and locales bearing their own distinct personalities. Our story mainly resides in the duchies of Onora and Kardrak located in the northern region of the kingdom of Parmathia.

The War of the Crown has swept across the lands of Parmathia as the relentless arch-duke, Salatas Lwen, vies for control of the kingdom after King Varden II's untimely death.

King Varden II's son and only heir, Alcazar III, was merely a boy when the crown was passed to him. This act solidified Lwen's contempt for the anachronistic regime of the royals and sparked a blood-soaked insurrection. With Lwen rallying support in the south and waging a rebellion to claim the crown for himself, Parmathia was plunged into a civil war.

Lwen's many victories against the supporters of the "True Heir" have made him a powerful force and many have allied themselves with him for fear of being crushed beneath the might of his great armies .

Lord Hazen Elkhardt and his neighboring dukes have pledged an unshakable allegiance to King Alcazar Varden III and have paid dearly for their loyalties. When the banners emblazoned with Lwen's heraldic lions were flown over the razed castle of Elkhardt, the bordering duchies braced for the impending battles upon the horizon.

As the months passed, the duchies were toppled under the might of Lwen's armies and word was sent to the boy-king of the heavy losses in the north. Whispers were heard claiming "The Usurper" had made an unholy pact with dark and ancient forces to gain victory over those who stood in his way. Some rumors told of a return of the evil gods from ancient times and of shadowy figures that visited Lwen during nightly councils.

The battles have now reached the castle of the Onora duchy and have called upon our hero, Duke Elkhardt's adopted son, to escort the only other survivor of the castle into the far reaches of the nordlands. The adventure begins as Onora Castle is besieged by the forces of Lwen and how that adventure concludes is entirely up to you.

Guide Callum Elkhardt and his motley crew of emotionally shattered seers, arrogant nobles, and not-so-innocent youths through an epic tale of love, betrayal, and spirituality.

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