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07-10-05: New Armour, A Shield, A Pike & New Members Comment:

Now that summer is in full swing, our team brings forth more material to remind us that the biting cold of winter is never too far away. This time around; we'd like to present another set of armour fresh from Sir Phoenixx's forge. The heavier, more protective suit of Medium Armour is available in many variations. Click on the links below to see a more detailed view of a Kardrak soldier regaled in this protective gear and the other variations encountered throughout TLP:SoW. For more information pertaining to these and other Arms & Armour, visit our Equipment section.

Medium Armour - Kardrak Medium Armour Variations
[Medium Armour]
Modeled By: Sir Phoenixx, Textured By: Resvrgam

Suits of armour aren't the only protective equipment within TLP:SoW. We also present another shield characters may employ to defend themselves with. The Round Shield; hardier than the Buckler, is the favoured shield for infantry and cavalry alike and many soldiers have emblazoned heraldic decorations upon its face. By utilizing the "boss" situated within the shield's center, combatants gain a better sense of control over maneuvering it into harm's way.

Round Shield
[Round Shield]
Modeled By: Sir Phoenixx, Textured By: Resvrgam

Rounding out our arsenal of melee weaponry, we proudly display the horsemans' bane: the Pike. The largest and slowest weapon available to combatants, the Pike also possesses the longest range of all melee-based weapons. Though absolutely detrimental to those mounted atop steeds, infantry and archers may find wielders of this weapon easier to dispatch. On the other hand; A combined effort of skilled soldiers using shields in a front-row and Pikes in a rear-row have been known to halt the most ferocious of advances. Click on the image below for a closer view of this polearm or visit our Equipment section for more details.

Modeled By: Sir Phoenixx, Textured By: Resvrgam

Lastly, many have inquired about the status of our maps and, with the assembly of our very talented crew of Mappers/World Builders, we will be releasing imagery very soon!
Our recent additons to the team; Bismarck and CoKie, have combined their efforts with TheKeyci to produce some truly impressive marvels. We're currently putting some additional touches on these levels to make them more presentable to the public and look forward to unveiling them in the coming weeks.

We'd also like add one final note: Our team is always looking for skilled and dedicated contributors to help bring this project to life and if you feel you'd be an asset please drop us a line.

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