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03-15-05: Rufio's SDK GUI now available! Comment:

One of our newest team members has just released a very useful tool to help the community modify the SOURCE engine with more ease. This tiny application adds a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to the processes found within the Source SDK.

"The gift I bring, (and being entirely too suspenseful) is a GUI utility for the Source model and texture compiling programs. It also has built in .QC and .VMT editors. In using this utility I assume you already know and understand the directory stucture for a MOD."

The file can be downloaded from this link or from within our Downloads section.

UPDATE: Version 1.1 is now available! Continued revisions of this application will be posted without notice.

03-14-05: Show us the Swords! Comment:

After last week's announcement that displayed more of Sir Phoenixx's handiwork, I received a few e-mails asking what the swords of this game will look like. Here's our rendition of what the Longsword will manifest itself in our game as:

Ahearn LongswordLowen LongswordKardrak LongswordStowengarde Gladius [Ahearn/Lowen/Kardrak Longsword/Stowengarde Gladius]
Modeled by Sir Phoenixx, Textured by Resvrgam

The four versions will all function identically but may be obtained from different regions within our game's setting.

Different cultures will have their own aesthetics. These differences are discernible from the more traditional cruciform designs of the Ahearn & Lowen Longswords to the outlandish shapes of the Kardrak Longsword & Stowengarde Gladius.
To learn more about the arms & armour of this game, visit our Equipment section.

We'd also like to welcome our newest team member; Kovac. He'll be responsible for prop modeling and his incredible talents will be a welcomed addition to our team.

Finally, A few more character-concept renderings have also been added to our Characters section.

03-07-05: More Weapons, More Members & More Site Additions! Comment:

Continuing with the trend of churning out beautiful instruments of death, our master-of-arms; Sir Phoenixx, brings forth two more images of his craft: the Mace & the Warhammer. Despite their lack of a blade, these weapons are more than capable of sending their victims to an early grave. Select an image below for a larger view or visit our Equipment section for more information pertaining to these and other arms & armour.

Mace Warhammer
[Mace/Warhammer] Modeled by Sir Phoenixx, Textured by Resvrgam

We'd also like to welcome two new members: Padrescout - a talented World Builder and Rufio - a highly-skilled Architectural Modeler and artist. With these new additions to the team, we are sure to see even more high-quality material produced in the coming months.

There have also been a few minor superfluities to our site since the last update: An evocative animation depicting key frames from one of the intended attack methods has been added to the Combat section to help illustrate how combat maneuvers will play out within the game. We have also added a few more character concept renderings to the Characters section to display more members of our colourful cast.

03-01-05: Improvised Weapons Comment:

Our resident master-of-arms, Sir Phoenixx, has revealed even more of his arsenal with some unconventional weapon imagery. These makeshift tools of death can be mightier than the sword if wielded by a skilled warrior. From a simple tree branch to an innocent-looking torch, players may find great use out of objects they wouldn't normally consider deadly.

Have a look at these deceptively innocuous objects that could be used to visit death upon Callum's enemies. Simply click on the images below to view larger versions of the weapons or peruse the Equipment section of this site to view more detailed descriptions of these and other arms & armour within this game.

Tree Branch Tree Trunk Torch
[Tree Branch/Trunk/Torch] Modeled by Sir Phoenixx, [Cresset] Modeled by Rufio, Textures by Resvrgam

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