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05-29-05: Models & More Information! Comment:

Production on this title continues onward as more masterpieces are unveiled from Sir Phoenixx's workshop. This time around, the primitive-looking Gamuk Assegai (or "Shortspear") and the sturdy Quarterstaff make their appearence on our website. More information pertaining to the arms & armour of Parmathia can be gleaned from the Equipment section.

[Gamuk Assegai/Quarterstaff] Modeled By: Sir Phoenixx, Textured By: Resvrgam

Along with the usual updates to our elaborate arsenal of weaponry, Sir Phoenixx has crafted his first character model for our project. More are destined to be brought to life very soon and our master-of-arms now adds a new title to his profession: Corporeal Architect. The images below display a male character wearing Light Armour. There are three LOD (Level of Detail) versions of every character model: High-Detail (6500+ polys - currently shown), Medium Detail (2000-2600 polys), & Low Detail (500-1000 polys).
His contributions to our in-game models, along with past models from other team members, can be viewed within the Characters section of this website or by simply clicking the thumbnails below.

[Light Armour Character Model (Male)]
Modeled By: Sir Phoenixx, Textured By: Resvrgam

Additional character concepts have been added to our Characters section as well and we hope you enjoy this ever-growing gallery of personalities as they transform from mere concepts into living, breathing, denizens of our world.

We've also recently added another promotional wallpaper to our gallery. This time around; we display an early scene where the young Abigail Ahearn comes to grip with the harsh realization of the horrors around her.

Excerpt from Book I: Loss -

Their retreat into the dusky forest was suddenly halted as Callum caught sight of a flicker of torchlight directly ahead. A camp of enemy soldiers appeared through the darkness before the two fugitives. There were far too many men to count and the surrounding terrain made it impossible to bypass this deadly obstacle. It seemd that all directions led toward doom.
Abigail's jaw chattered as a cloud of her breath sporadically burst from her mouth and nose. The young girl trembled from both the unseasonably cold autumn weather and the undeniable fear that consumed her.
"What are we going to do now?" she whispered nervously to her escort.
The squire knew there were too many soldiers to fight off by himself and his gaze quickly fell onto a small contingent of steeds tethered to a series of crude posts erected about the tents. He crawled closer to investigate and was startled by the distant sounds of battle getting closer. The chaos that shattered the seemingly impenetrable castle they had fled from what felt like days ago seemed to have pursued them through their escape route. Callum tensed as his eyes caught sight of a passing patrol. He knew survival depended on reaching those horses without getting noticed but even the most incompetent of rabble could easily see through his crude disguise at such a close range.
"I'll do it." the trembling ingénue said calmly while wiping grime-stained tear streaks from her face with the back of her hand. "After all, I am an Ahearn. We know our horses well and can spot the fastest steeds from a mile away."
Callum shook his head in disapproval.
"It's the only way we're going to get out of this alive. Just keep a sharp vigil and let me know where the tack is kept. I'll liberate us the swiftest steed while you make sure the path is clear." Abigail lifted the remains of her tattered dress and made use of her newly gained composure while nimbly creeping from shadow to shadow through the corridors between the tents. The squire peered out through the dense foliage and wondered just exactly who was rescuing whom?
This wallpaper can be obtained by visiting our Wallpapers section or clicking on the thumbnail below.

Finally; Those who frequent our forums have been treated to an in-depth discussion and explanation of one of the many new features available within TLP:SoW. We've recently updated information pertaining to the Battle-Sense radar with visual references to help clarify any ambiguities. To view this tasty bit of information, simply log into our forums and visit Adam's "Radar?" thread within the Combat Discussion & Strategies section.

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